Farlow Communications LLC can provide you with solutions. We buy, sell, rent, install, train and service new and refurbished systems. Learn more about the phone systems we offer.

Phone Systems

Farlow Communications LLC handles every aspect of your phone system from sales and installation to service.
We also provide systemPhone Systems upgrades, remote support and custom designed system maintenance agreements to fit
your needs. To accommodate your budget, we offer used systems. Utilizing used or refurbished
phones/equipment can provide a sizeable cost savings.

In today's business environment, communication with customers and vendors is essential. A new phone system
may be vital in simplifying communications, enhancing customer service, increasing employee productivity
and collaboration, while reducing the overall telephone costs. A new Mitel phone and voicemail system
offers as standard applications: Unified Voice Messaging with Automated Attendant, Meet-Me Conferencing,
Automatic Call Distribution, Hot Desking, Twinning, Mobile Hand-Off, Teleworking, and Call Reporting.

Your custom-designed System Maintenance Agreement guarantees peace-of-mind and access to the expertise you want, when you need it. Options are offered to suit your needs and budget.

System Maintenance Agreement Benefits

Our product prices, $78 labor rate, and quick, detailed service has “WOWed” our customers. Click for details on phone systems from Inter-tel, Nortel and Mitel.

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Voice Mail Systems

Voice mail systems can be the first greeting a prospecting customer hears. An Automated Attendant can transfer calls to the desired contact quickly, i.e press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service. Even though your business is closed, communications can continue, by allowing customers to leave messages or by transferring a call to an off hours contact like a mobile phone. Voice mail systems eliminate the risk of losing or misreading handwritten messages from customers and co-workers. Callers also have the option to hold for you or be transferred to a receptionist, another extension or leave you a detailed message.

Voice messages can be sent quickly to an individual voice mailbox or group of voice mail boxes anywhere within the company. Other voice mail benefits include the ability to record a telephone conversation into your mailbox; check your messages any time, any where from a touch tone phone; forward messages to another mailbox and share phone lines and resources.

Voice mail systems will indicate when you have a message. A Caller I.D. option lets you know who called even if they don't leave a message. Remote Message Notification allows you to program numbers for remote delivery to cell phones, home phones, pagers, or even to your office phone - and all are password protected. To help save time, calls can be screened, announcing the caller's name before you answer. Click for details on our voice mail systems.

Farlow Communications LLC will train end users and administrators. We provide hands-on learning of the phone and voicemail system's features and benefits.

Wireless Phones Systems

Farlow Communications LLC provides wireless telephone systems for any size facility, engineered to provide the coverage and the call handling you require. Wireless phones can be a part of your existing phone system or a stand-alone system increasing productivity by allowing personnel to be mobile and never out of reach. Contact us for your free consultation.

Paging Systems

Paging SystemFarlow Communications LLC designs, installs and troubleshoots paging systems used for any application, from a single page zone or “All Call”, to many page zones.

Whether you need to make pages to a small quiet area or to a large manufacturing space with high noise levels, we can provide a solution that will meet or exceed your expectations. Contact us for your free consultation

Lightning Protection and UPS

Lightning ProtectionLightning protection and UPS battery back up are highly suggested to protect your investment. Lightning will use your electrical, phone and cable wires as a direct path into your building. Lightning and power failures send surges and spikes into your system from any metallic pathway and from any direction. AC power lines, analog (voice) lines, digital lines, data lines and even grounding wires can carry a surge into your system and damage or destroy system components. Make sure all pathways connected to your system pass through proper protection. Having it properly installed is a must. Protect it! Also, an Uninterruptible Power Supply will maintain consistent power and protect all your communications equipment from brown-outs, under-voltages or over-voltages. A UPS is vital to any communications systems. Contact us with any questions.

Phone Accessories

Farlow Communications LLC also provides:

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