Video SurveillanceVideo Surveillance

Protecting your organization from the inside out is vital for the safety of the people working with you, and the assets you worked hard to attain. Video surveillance systems (CCTV) are an effective deterrent against crime and vandalism. Their use is also an important factor in remediation of unauthorized entries. Surveillance systems can be used as a training tool for staff or production monitoring. Monitoring can be done on-site or from a remote location. Video surveillance systems are easy to use and have great price points.

Applications include:

Solutions include:

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Paging SystemsPaging System

Farlow Communications LLC designs, installs and troubleshoots paging systems used for any application, from a single page zone or “All Call” to many page zones. We design paging systems to provide clear and intelligible sound when and where you need it. These systems can also include background music to the zones you want. We can provide a solution that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Benefits include:

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Video Projection

Video projection systems allow presentation-enhancing images including live video to be viewed on Screens, Plasma and LED Projector and Screendisplays. These displays can provide quick detailed instructions for presentations in education centers, worship centers, conference rooms and training facilities.

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Sound Systems

Sound SystemFarlow Communications LLC designs and installs high quality sound systems in many types of facilities including houses of worship, education centers, training facilities, conference rooms, sporting venues, clubs, meeting spaces, and banquet facilities. Whether you need a complete new system or just additional equipment, we are prepared to satisfy your needs. From small country churches to large worship centers we can provide systems for traditional voice only services to contemporary music enriched services. We understand the importance of the spoken word and the benefits of inspirational entertainment.

We deliver the right combination of equipment to provide the level of performance that you deserve and need. Everything is considered: room size, shape, floors, wall treatments, ceilings, as well as the number of attendees expected.

Farlow Communications LLC takes great pride in our work and the systems we provide. We strive to make every installation a pleasant experience for all our clients.

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Digital Signage
Digital Signage

Use the time customers spend in your lobby to your advantage. Place a digital sign at a point-of-purchase or decision to affect you sales. Digital signage is also an effective mode of mass communication. Use these easy to change signs to direct visitors, keep your staff informed and residents updated. Digital signage is the future of messaging.

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