Farlow Communications LLC gives your business a competitive communications advantage necessary in today's economy. We are an economical solution for all of your business communications needs. We service all organizations, large or small, specializing in Phone, Data, Sound and Video Communications in Lancaster, Berks, Lebanon, York, and Chester counties.

Farlow Communications LLC aims to understand your business and resolve your challenges enabling you to grow and become more profitable. We are committed to delivering excellent services and quality products. We will begin with a free consultation and continue through design, installation and support.

Phone System

Your phone system is your lifeline to your client. Make sure you, your employees and customers can quickly and easily communicate with each other. Technology can be costly and confusing. Whether you're looking for a new phone system or service on your existing system, we can help. We are a mitelcertified partner.

Please visit our phone page for more details about how Farlow Communications LLC can help you organization.

Mitel Phone

Paging Systems

Offices, warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and recreational areas all benefit from the ability to quickly locate someone remotely, and a paging system is a straightforward solution to this need. Farlow Communications, LLC. designs, installs, and troubleshoots paging systems used for any application. Click here for more information.


Digital Signage

Use the time customers spend in your lobby to your advantage. Place a digital sign at a point-of-purchase or where a decision needs to be made that will affect your sales. Use these easy to change signs to direct visitors, keep your staff informed, and residents updated. Visit our sound and video page for details.

Digital Sign

Video Surveillance/Projection/Sound

Farlow Communications LLC will implement and support a wide array of paging surveillance and multimedia systems for all organizations large or small. Our professional sound systems and acoustical treatments are designed for the enrichment of music as well as clarity of the spoken word. Our video projection systems allow images, including live video, to be viewed on projection screens, plasma or LED displays, greatly enhancing visual direction during presentations or worship services. Farlow Communications LLC will make operating complex systems easy. See our sound and video page for details.


Desktop and Mobile Products

A Data system is a fundamental part of your organization. Computers and Wiring can be expensive and perplexing. Computer and network problems are often caused by faulty wires and connections. Detailed installation practices are essential.

We work with Computers, Printers, Fax Machines, Scanners, Copiers, Cameras, Network Cameras, Network Cards, Sound Cards, Graphic Cards, Optical Drives, Floppy Drives, Wireless Access Points, Routers, and Antennae.

Does your computer boot up? Is it running slowly? Are you looking for a system, adding an office or reorganizing? Click our Data page for more details about how Farlow Communications LLC can help your organization.


Structured Cabling

Cabling is the backbone of your organization. It is a forgotten part of technology and can be frustrating and unsightly. Are you looking to cable an office, an entire building? Maybe you can't find an existing wire. Let Farlow Communications LLC organize and add to your networks. Visit our Cabling page for more details about how Farlow Communications LLC can help your organization.

Structure Cabling

When your phone system or voice mail is down, defective, has been struck by lightning, unacceptably deficient, lacking the options you need, or just not working to your satisfaction, call Farlow Communications LLC.

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Farlow Communications LLC is proud to service customers with quality systems like Inter-tel, Norstar, and Mitel systems. We focus on the following areas, Lancaster, PA; Lebanon, PA; York, PA; Berks, PA, Chester, PA; Dauphin, PA; Harrisburg, PA; Reading, PA; Ephrata, PA; Lititz, PA; Manheim, PA or your location.